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Written by Kristy Popwell


Posted on October 06 2019

Wood Wicked Candle Care

Wood wick candles

Most of us are familiar with cotton wicked candles but the crackling of a wood wick candle can create an oh-so-soothing ambiance. But a wood wick requires a little extra care when it comes to getting your candle lit and keeping it lit!

Check out the tips below to fully enjoy your wood wicked candle:

Lighting a wood wick

The soy wax of your candle is what fuels the flame and keeps it burning. It's best to light your candle from the base of the wood wick and not from the top like you would with a cotton wick. Once lit, the heat of the flame will draw the soy wax through the wick and fuel the flame.

Pro tip: when lighting your wood wicked candle hold your candle on an angle to best reach the base of the wood wick and remember it may take several attempts to get it lit.

Blackett & Co. natural soy candle wood wick

Keeping it lit

Just like a candle with a cotton wick, the first burn is the most important to prevent your candle from tunnelling. On the first burn, allow your candle to fully melt to the edges of the jar for a clean and even burn as you continue to enjoy your candle.

Did you know soy wax has a memory? If a “memory ring” develops because the wax did not melt to the edges of the container it can tunnel this way for the life of the candle. So be sure to commit to the first burn of your candle and get cozy, grab a soothing drink, open a book (or your Pinterest boards!) and relax in the flickering light of that flame for a couple of hours.

Blackett & Co. natural soy candle wood wick

Keep it trim

For a wood wick, you'll want to keep the wick trimmed a bit shorter than your cotton wicked candles. Between burns trim the wick to about ⅛” and clean away any burnt wood from its previous burn.

Blackett & Co. natural soy candle wood wick

BLACKETT & CO. wood wicks are made from cherry wood that is responsibly sourced and manufactured from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified Mills.