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Posted on December 11 2016

The Winter Collection features two distinct and nostalgic scents of the winter and holiday season. Memories of smoky fireplaces and balsam are captured in this collections fragrances.

HINTERLAND brings visions of warm winter cabins and enjoying the snow while skiing, snowshoeing or rolling together a snowman until your cheeks are flushed. As the day darkens you retreat to a cozy space to thaw out by the fire sipping hot drinks seasoned with warm spices. Close your eyes and this smoky blend will have you believing you're by the fireside. 

Available at Forbes Beauty Co.

VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS's name was inspired by the Victorian Era which gave us many of the Christmas and holiday traditions we continue to celebrate today. The Victorians popularized Christmas trees, Christmas cards and decking the halls with evergreen. This blend captures traditional seasonal scents with notes of fir and citrus essential oils topped with the sweet but tart fragrance of partridgeberry from Newfoundland.

Available at Shop Vincent and Pot & Pantry


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