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Posted on August 01 2016

BLACKETT & CO. is a small batch natural soy candle company based in Ottawa, Ontario owned and operated by Kristy Hesketh.
Our candles are a hand-poured blend of eco-soy wax, essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. Combined with a cotton (lead-free) wick BLACKETT & CO.'s candles are clean burning! The Core Collection includes a non-scented choice and three thoughtfully curated scents.
The collection began with MARITIME SALT which was inspired by my east coast roots. This scent brings you ocean side with the cooling smell of sea salt balanced with warm tobacco and sweet floral notes.
VANILLA CREAM + TOBACCO is a blend of sweet creamy vanilla warmed with tobacco and rounded with floral jasmine.
MINTED is the perfect "pick me up" fragrance with sharp wintergreen and sweet peppermint creating an uplifting and bright aroma.
The Core Collection is rounded out with our natural and unscented PURE candle for those who want to enjoy the ambiance of our clean burning candles without fragrance. This is a personal favourite at the dinner table to avoid overwhelming food flavours with an external scent.
Our sense of smell can bring back beloved moments - let our scents become the narrative of the memories you create.


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